Easy to use

Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter is designed with simple and intuitive user interface. You don't have to know the details of the dozens of different types of video formats out there. Just import your favorite DVD and it will do the rest for you.

Convert any DVD

It works for all type of DVDs such as your home DVD, CSS protected DVD, Disney DVD. You can convert them for your iPad and watch your favorite DVDs on the go.

More than a DVD ripper for iPad

It isn’t only a DVD ripper for iPad but also a simple video editor in case that you want to crop black frame on the top and bottom of DVD video, trim a clip of the whole DVD movie, add watermark and more.

Excellent Output quality

Whether you want the highest quality output, the smallest output file size or something in between, Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter makes it easy to balance the quality of your videos and file size. At the highest quality level, Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter produces nearly lossless videos for your iPad.

Flan Moka

3/4 de taza de azúcar
  1 lata de leche condensada
2 cucharadas de cocoa
1 cucharada de nescafe clásico
5 huevos
1 taza de leche
  chocolate para decorar
Preparación: En una flamera forme caramelo con el azúcar.
Aparte licue la leche condensada, la cocoa, el café, los hue-
vos y la leche. Vierta  al molde del caramelo y  tape con pa-
pel de aluminio oprimiendo las orillas.  Cueza sobre la estufa
por una hora o en olla espress por 20 minutos, ambos a baño
María. Deje enfriar y desmolde, decore con chocolate rallado. 

Dulce de leche quemada

Dulce de leche quemada 1 frasco de dulce de leche de aprox. 500 grs. 1/4 de taza de leche. 100 grs. de nuez picada. 1 caja de soleta...